Walking Gorilla Video: Ambam the Gorilla Walks on Two Legs Like a Man!

walking gorilla video walks like man two legs hind
Walking gorilla walks like a man! (video)

A walking gorilla is making headlines as a gorilla in a British zoo has figured out how to walk about on just his two hind legs just like a man.

Watch the walking gorilla in this video clip Ambam, who lives at a zoo in Kent, has discovered that walking on his back legs suits him just fine.

Um… human connection or what?

Gorillas mainly get around on all fours a knuckle walk, of sorts and periodically stand upright to look around before resuming their usual position.

Ambam has got his swagger goin on!

He’s not the only walking gorilla though his family also has the same upright tendencies Ambam’s father and sister have also walked on two legs.

This is a fun video to show to the kids a walking gorilla isn’t something you see every day!

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