Wanna Dress Like Teresa Giudice for Halloween? Danielle Staub Does!


teresa giudice

This Halloween is expected to bring a rash of New Jersey inspired Halloween costumes from The Real Housewives of New Jersey to those pesky Jersey Shore kids.    They’re going to be so popular that even former housewife Danielle Staub wants to dress up as her former costar / mortal enemy Teresa Giudice!

“I was just going to take a waxing strip and put it on my forehead, with a little doll hair attached to it and call it Cornelius,” she tells US Weekly. “Oh, is that catty of me to say?”

Of course, Danielle quickly back-tracked on her comment saying, “Why kick her while she’s down?”

Teresa isn’t the only one who is down as Danielle was famously let go from the hit Bravo TV show last month and is currently staying with friends while she waits for her house to sell.

Danielle may be passing on the Teresa costume this Halloween, but you can still dress up like the RHONJ diva!  Pull out that hairspray, put on some ultra flashy clothes, and you should be good to go!

Photo: PR Photos