Was Amy Erin Blakely Fired For Being Too Voluptous?

amy erin blakely
Was Amy Erin Blakely fired because of her body?

Amy-Erin Blakely is alleging that she lost her job due to the size of her chest. Amy-Erin Blakely claims that she was told that her chest size was too distracting for other employees. Amy-Erin Blakely had to hide her breasts because she was told that the men that she worked with could not concentrate in meetings with her because they were fixated on her breasts.

I don’t know if this is true, but if it is it makes me very sad. What kind of man is so easily distracted by the size of a woman’s chest that he can’t perform the duties of his job? What kind of man would require a woman to be fired from her job because he simply couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand because of an employee’s chest size?

Just recently we have seen celebrities as young as Demi Lovato enter rehab for emotional issues some say to treat an eating disorder. Portia de Rossi just wrote a book chronicling her battle with weight and self-esteem issues. Women are constantly scrutinized and criticized for how they look and what they wear.Amy-Erin Blakely is just another example of how women are constantly judged based on their appearance vs. what they have to offer.  I mean what kind of message is that sending to our daughters?   Congratulations to Amy-Erin Blakely for standing up for herself if these allegations do prove to be true, and shame on those men too.