Was Chris Henry Murdered?


chris-henry-bengals-dead-murderedChris Henry was murdered.

At least that’s what the police are thinking. They are treating his death as a homicide and their main suspect is Chris Henry’s fiance Loleini Tonga.

There are two different 911 calls calling for help. One from a woman who was following the truck that Chris Henry was in before he fell out.

Call 1: “I need a police officer, I’m on Oak Road, I’m behind a yellow truck. It’s a F-150 the tag says. It’s got a black male on it with no shirt on and he’s got his arm in the cab he’s got some black pants on. He’s beating on the back of this truck window. I don’t know if he’s trying to break in it or something, it just looks crazy. It’s a girl driving it now they turning onto Oakdale road.”

The second call came after he fell out and was lying on the road.

Call 2: “I need an ambulance now, there’s somebody laying in the road” the caller tells 911. Suggesting that there was another person on the scene (possibly Loleini Tonger), the caller goes on: “I’m on Oakdale Road I just pulled up and there’s lady trying there’s a man in the road, he looks dead, there’s no movement.”

We don’t know what sort of domestic issue there was, but the fact that she was swerving as if to get him off of the truck is highly suspect.

Our hearts are with his family at this difficult time.