Was 'Octomom' Under The Influence When Consenting To Embryo Implants? She Says Yes!


nadya suleman, octomom
Octomom says she was under the influence when consenting to embryo implants.

Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has finally sunk to a new level. The mom of fourteen, yes fourteen, is now commenting that she was under the influence of drugs when she consented to the embryo implants that resulted in her octuplet pregnancy.

“They give me a cocktail of drugs. I’m really not lucid at that time”, Nadya said to Dr. Drew Lapinsky.

“The doctor wrote something, he gave it to me to sign right there as I was laying down. I signed it, and I didn’t read it,” Nadya told HLN.

Watch the video below and see the comments for yourself.

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]

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