Was the Jon Gosselin Burglary a Publicity Stunt?


hailey-glassman-jon-gosselin-burglary-publicity-stunt1According to a lawyer for Jon Gosselin’s ex Hailey Glassman, the recent burglary of the dad-of-eight’s New York City apartment was a “huge publicity stunt.” Dear God please let that mean the Ed Hardy t-shirt collection is unharmed.

Glassman’s attorney Anand Ahuja says the vandalizing was staged to point the finger at Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend. “It appears to be a huge publicity stunt,” said Ahuja. “The police investigation is still ongoing and we are sure the investigation will reveal that someone is trying to frame Hailey.”

“There are no charges against Hailey,” Ahuja added.  “I don’t think they are even considering her as a suspect in a crime. It appears that somebody, and I don’t know who that might be, or what their motive might be, is framing her.  The detectives are still working on it.”