Washington U. Students Protest Against Bristol Palin


bristol palin, teen pregnancy
Bristol Palin Is Rejected From Washington University Due To Student Protesting.

Bristol Palin was originally scheduled to give a speech on teen pregnancy, something she has a little experience with, at Washington University in St. Louis, but student protesting botched that plan indefinitely.

The talk was supposed to happen next month during the University’s “Sexual Responsibility Week,” but a rep for the school tells TMZ, it isn’t going to happen “because of the growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for [Bristol’s] talk with student-generated funds.”

Bristol, a spokesperson for the prevention of teen pregnancy, was supposed to give a brief lecture on abstinence. According to her reps, it was a mutual decision for Bristol and the University to dissolve the plans.

Do you think Bristol Palin is adequate to give a speech on teen pregnancy and safe sex?