Watch 30 Rock Live Episode Online, Season 5 Episode 4 "Live Show" (Video)

watch 30 rock live show episode video online
Watch the 30 Rock live episode online

Watch the 30 Rock live episode online video… the 30 Rock Live episode is one of those fun ratings stunts to get people to tune in, but did the 30 Rock live show bring in the viewers?

The 30 Rock live episode (season 5, episode 4 “Live Show”) aired two live broadcasts: 8:30 p.m. ET and 8:30 p.m. PT, so each coast saw a slightly different show.

The 30 Rock cast has been rehearsing this week and moved their sets from the usual Silvercup Studios in Long Island City to Saturday Night Live’s Studio 8H, where they performed the show in front of a live audience.

The live show format is nothing new to Alec Baldwin, who appeared on the live Will & Grace episode in 2005. He’s an old pro at this!

Biggest worry of all about the live show? Running long and the timing of dialog and commercials.

Tina Fey explained, “Half an hour is so short, and anyone who’s seen our show knows it’s usually packed like a can of tuna. So figuring it out with a laugh spread, and how much show we can fit … we found a way to do some flashbacks and quick cuts that I think will be fun and exciting.”

The 30 Rock live episode also featured guest appearances by the ever-so-handsome Jon Hamm and Matt Damon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Rachel Dratch. Not bad at all.

Watch the 30 Rock live episode online on Hulu (season 5, episode 4 “Live Show).

Did you catch the 30 Rock live episode? What did you think?


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