Watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Online Plus Fun Facts About The Film (Video)

charlie brown christmas charlie brown christmas special
Watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Special Online Video

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is on ABC tonight at 8:00pm ET. Watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special is an annual tradition that the whole family will treasure for years to come. If you aren’t near your TV tonight, you can watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” online here. You can also check out the video clip below to get into the Christmas spirit with the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” has some fun facts that you may not know about the film:

– The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is the longest running Christmas special in TV history, and has aired every year since 1965.

– Charles Schulz wanted “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to have a religious undertone, and show that Christmas is really about the birth of Jesus.

– Television executives did not like the idea for the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and it almost didn’t make it on the air.

– Coca Cola was the original sponsor for “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, and it’s logo ads appeared at various places in the film. They were eventually removed.

– Some scenes were clipped to allow more time for commercials, and until 1997, the scene with the gang throwing snowballs at a can on the fence was missing.

Will you watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” tonight with your kids, either online or on TV?