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WATCH Allison Dubois Bring Even More Crazy to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (VIDEO)

By Sunny Chanel |

Allison Dubois, a crass, opinionated and apparently psychic.  She was a guest at Camille Grammer’s dinner party which aired on Thursday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And if the name sounds familiar, it should. Not only is she a world famous psychic but she is the inspiration and name sake of Patricia Arquette’s character on Medium.  A show that is produced by Kelsey and Camille. So what happened…

While dragging on her electronic cigarette, she spewed venom about the other dinner guest the housewives of Beverly Hills. And that was after swinging back several of Camille hardcore cocktails. For some reason, Allison really had it in for Housewife Kyle Richards and after upsetting her to an extent that she fled the party, Alison relished the fact that she knew when and how Kyle would die saying “I love that about me.”

Note to self, don’t invite Allison Debois over to dinner anytime soon.

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0 thoughts on “WATCH Allison Dubois Bring Even More Crazy to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (VIDEO)

  1. Marianne says:

    I cannot fathom how they can even have a show based on this woman. She’s vicious & manipulative and I cannot imagine the authorities or families seeking someone like that for any kind of help. It seems like the cigarette she was puffing on suits her since she’s blowing alot of smoke up everyone’s ass. How can you even say you know when someone and their loved ones are going to die and how much you love that. You sound satanic and the way you behaved was so unprofessional and disgusting.This show has discredited you in many ways and I guess it’s good that you appeared on the show cause that way people can see you for who you really are; a hoax and a really horrible human being

  2. mandy says:

    marianne you “read my mind” I am still in shock over this woman.I have her books and have been a fan until I saw the real Allison come out on last nights show. She is pure evil.It Shocking.I think her career is over

  3. Crissy says:

    Amazing!! This woman is a joke. I associate grace and an evolved spirit with the gift of mediumship and it is clear this woman is a blood sucker with absolutley no generiousity of spirit or love for the human condition. I believe in mediumship and after losing my husband suddenly and shockingly in 2008 I was desperate to have one more communication with my husband and did quite a bit of research on all of the mediums that were available to do readings (Most of the famous mediums are not available for one on one readings as they are on tour or tv shows etc) but I found that George Anderson is available to anyone who needs a reading though I did have to wait 6 months and he is not cheap. I also learned that he is considered the best medium in the world and he did not disappoint. I had a wonderful hour and 20 minute reading with George and I am a true believer in his gift. It was incredible. But back to the point, George Anderson practically glows – you can feel his love and positive energy and can assure you would never treat anyone with anything other than concern and respect. Allison Dubois is phony, mean spirited, narcisstic if not sociopathic! She has done nothing to advance credibility in this field and is just another fame-whore like Sylvia Brown. PATHETIC!!!

  4. Patricia says:

    Please. Last night was staged. Anyone watching could see the smirk on Camille’s and Allison’s faces…Once they started up the same ole arguments that had already been discussed and rehashed for the millionth time, they sat back and laughed their asses off knowing it would make for good television and make people such as you all talk, and they were correct. As for as psychic ability, give me a break. Anyone with an ability to see into the future, would be one financially secure and two use their gift for good, not for sucking in gullible people……Kyle doesn’t think the lady has any ability but next week she’ll be discussing what the woman said with her husband. Like I said gullible and stupid.

  5. Laura says:

    This woman is evil. I hope she suffers the fate of everyone she’s lied about.

    I completely agree. Whenever something contradictory comes up… she can be “off once-in-a-while” and when something happens to coincide with the general things she’s saying it’s conveniently “psychic” ability.

    Well, I can just announce that I’m psychic (Allison can’t say otherwise) and I’m telling all of you that she’s a fraud:)

    Also, the way she told Camille that “I know when she’s going to die and all about her family and that’s what I love about me” I realized that this narcissistic, self-important bitch might believe she is actually psychic. Then, she had the nerve to tell the other women that they are nothing because they didn’t have “shows and books written about them.” Something tells me (since I’m such a psychic) she’s about to have a rude awakening. SHE’S the washed-up one.

    She owes Kyle and Faye apologies.

    For anyone who is still on Allison’s side, please realize that she played the cat-and-mouse game of “not wanting” to give readings, when she so obviously wanted to. Who says things about being able to read minds and that the ghosts of loved-ones are present, but a girls’ night is more important and expect that the curiosity of those present wouldn’t be piqued?

    I loved that she read everyone so wrong to the point that Camille had to tell her that she was, in fact, the one who’s not a girls’ girl and that Kyle is. (Allison felt that Kyle needed to open herself more to women. Why, so these particular women could slash her to shreds?) I’m sure Allison forgives Camille for not being “open to women” (a trait that must be so horrible because Allison came down really hard on Kyle for it) because Camille’s husband basically made Allison who she is. I’m sure Allison is not in any way biased based on that fact… yeah, right. In reality, Allison is okay with overlooking the flaws of her friends as long as they’re paying her.

    By the way, Camille, women are not nice to you NOT because they are jealous but because YOU are jealous and your craziness comes out when you are on a mission to prove their so-called jealousy.

    Faye was obviously collateral damage. She wasn’t mean to Camille, but Camille decided to pass judgment over her for a Playboy shoot (don’t thousands of women do that?) when CAMILLE POSED FOR PLAYBOY. Albeit, she couldn’t land an actual Playboy shoot– they made her wear lingerie… I’m sure that made her feel great about herself (wink wink). She called Faye morally-bankrupt for doing the shoot right the OJ Simpson Murder Trial (OJ murdered Faye’s friend Nicole). Camille, Faye did the shoot THREE YEARS after the trial. Are you kidding me?

    In fact, Camille, you are projecting your “morally-bankrupt” bullshit onto Faye because YOU ARE GUILTY OF THAT! Who tells their mother who has cancer that her life’s so hard even with four nannies to help her? Morally-bankrupt Camille, that’s who.

    Also, I used to be a huge Medium fan… not anymore. After watching this horrible, ugly Allison abuse people last night I’m actually happy the show was canceled. I hope she doesn’t make another dime off of other people’s tragedies.

  6. sharon says:

    I just watched the Housewives of Beverly Hills again and I am sickened by the lack of respect and the viciousness from Allison. She was hostile and Camille loved every second of it because those two are such incredibly small people. How dare they attack Faye and the other dinner guests…..Thank goodness, it ended when it did and the nerve of those 3 insipid women sitting around the dinner table as if they were better than the others… made me sick.

  7. Kelly says:

    I agree that this woman is a complete joke. She wasn’t even making sense. Not to mention, she looked like an idiot with the electric ciggy and somehow she thought she looked good with it. It really bothered me that she was basically kicking some of the housewives out (by saying they had “2 legs” and could walk) and Camille just sat there and watched. She was the dinner host and should’ve taken control of the situation.
    For Allison to say those horrible things about Kyle just shows how unprofessional she really is…what a fraud.

  8. Deidre Cohen says:

    Finally, true entertainment! She’s CLASSIC! If Bravo has a brain they’ll find a way to integrate her into more episodes. I could watch that cool, crazy c, over and over, and over, love her! Smoke to the side, hand gestures, great one liners, sign me up! The Danielle of Beverly Hills, jusssayin’.

  9. Zabka says:

    I GET IT!!!!! She had problems with spelling at school, and fell waaaaaaay behind. She is actually PSYCHOTIC and dropped the ‘ot’ to get PSYCHIC. She also makes Danielle Staub and Kelly Bensimon look almost normal.

  10. Jaime says:

    You need to check out the blog of psychic medium Barb Powell…too funny but true:

  11. jolene says:

    @Laura that was exactly!!! what I was thinking!!! I mean about whimpering to her mother who is battling cancer how hard her life is. My god the bloody guts of the woman. Egotistical as hell!

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