WATCH: Amazing Race 18 Unfinished Business ALL-STARS Intro! (VIDEO)


It was pretty cool to see the first female team win the Amazing Race. It only took 17 seasons, but finally the gals prevailed.  As as excited as you might have been to see doctors Nat and Kat win it all, you may have been a bit forlorn, simply because you had to say goodbye to yet another great season of the Amazing Race.

But don’t fear, the next season will be coming soon – the Amazing Race 18 – will debut on February 20th! And it’ll be a great one since it’s an ALL-STARS featuring the Amazing Race stars who were runner ups and not winners. Although they didn’t win the million dollars the first time, they did win viewers hearts.

Check out this “unofficial” into to the Amazing Race and see all the past contestants who will giving the Amazing Race another go right here.

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