Watch AMC's Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 2 Preview Online!

amc walking dead
AMC's Walking Dead: What will happen next week?

Did you catch the premiere of AMC’s “Walking Dead” last night? AMCDead, as it’s also being referred to as, mixed the smart production values of “Mad Men,” the cleverness of “Breaking Bad” and the gore of “Night of the Living Dead” into a pretty satisfying zombie drama, and it will air five more new episodes over the next few weeks to get you hooked on the story of a father searching for his missing wife and child amidst a terrifying zombie invasion.

Read on for the preview for next week’s episode two, entitled “Guts” guess they’re really not skimping on the gore!

Next week, Rick accidentally strands a group of survivors, causing them to turn on each other instead of working against the undead — oops.



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