Watch: Back to the Future Reunion, Today Show (Video)

back to the future today show reunion
Back to the Future reunion for 25 year anniversary

Watch the Back to the Future cast reunion in this Today show video clip. It’s the 25 year anniversary of Back to the Future, and the cast had a mini-reunion on the Today show this morning to talk about making the movie.

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, director Robert Zemeckis and theme song singer Huey Lewis were on hand to talk about the film.

By the way, where’s Crispin Glover at? Oh, the Back to the Future reunion just isn’t the same without him!

Meredith Vieira gives the rundown on the plot of Back to the Future (Really? Is there someone on the planet who doesn’t know what the movie’s about?), plus shares that Eric Stoltz was originally cast in the Michael J. Fox role (Fox replaced Stoltz five weeks into the production).

Zemeckis talks about making Back to the Future, with Steven Spielberg as a big supporter in bringing it to the screen.

Michael J. Fox talks about doing Family Ties in the daytime and filming Back to the Future at night. He jokes that he was working so much, he doesn’t remember making parts of the film.

The Back to the Future cast looks really great Lea Thompson, by the way, is 49!

The cast say their kids have seen Back to the Future, with Michael J. Fox noting that the characters and sense of fun resonate with kids, despite them not getting the cultural references.

The Back to the Future trilogy is now on Blu-Ray in a 25 year anniversary release!