Watch Banksy's Simpsons Opening Sequence: The Family As You've Never Seen Them

the simpsons
Banksy directed the opening sequence of "The Simpsons" last night

Banksy, the British street artist and political activist, put his mark on “The Simpsons” opening sequence last night, directing and storyboarding it. Frankly, I’m sort of surprised Fox, which airs the show, went with such a dark and cynical take on American business, even though I found it artistically superior and extremely thought-provoking. Are Bart and Lisa capitalist dupes? Does Homer prosper on the back of child labor? The sequence is satirical, obviously, but it’s not easily dismissed.

Watch “The Simpsons” opener below: What did you think of it? Too heavy a topic for primetime? Or are you happy to see this family make a political statement?


Photo: Fox

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