WATCH: Basketball Wives Catfight! Evelyn & Tami Come to Blows Over Kenny Anderson


Basketball Wives fight

The season finale of Basketball Wives wasn’t just heated things got very very hot ending in an explosive eruption.  And this wasn’t over some little transgression, this was about some very serious stuff; marriage, cheating, lies and betrayal.

At the end of the Basketball Wives season, it was revealed that Evelyn Lozada had had a six month affair with Tami Roman’s then husband Kenny Anderson. And Tami? She was none too pleased to hear this news. What happened?

Evelyn felt that in front of the cameras was the time to tell  Tami that while she was still married to Kenny Anderson and that they had seen each other for six months. But Evelyn claims she had no idea that Kenny was married, which Tami does not believe. At one point Tami said, “It’s all I can do from not punching you in the face.” But she did anyways, lunging at Evelyn. The crew of the show had to break the fight up.

Wow, now that’s a way to end a season!

Check out the video here!