WATCH BJ Penn Take Down Matt Hughes in JUST 21 Seconds!


If you or your family are mixed martial arts or  UFC fans and you were looking forward to watching the BJ Penn and Matt Hughes match on Saturday night let’s hope you didn’t leave the room to go grab a beer or to use the bathroom once it started. Because if you did, you would have missed it. Why? Because BJ Penn won it in just :21 seconds!

The UFC 123 results were that BJ Penn defeated the former welterweight champion in very short order…in just 0:21 seconds. It happened in the the first round when BJ attacked with a very hard right hand followed up by a series of brutal punches.

With all that anticipation, do you think the fighters could have made it just a bit more dramatic? Or is BJ Penn just that good? Are your (older) kids UFC fans? Did they get to see it?


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