WATCH Brian Wilson & The Machine on Jay Leno - Why You Should Fear the Beard (VIDEO)


Brian Wilson and the MachineIf you are a San Francisco Giants fan than you not only are very familiar with closing pitcher Brian “The Beard” Wilson but also perhaps his pal “The Machine.” If you aren’t, then let me give you a little back story.

Brian Wilson is one of the colorful misfits that make up the World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants. He’s tattooed, has a Mohawk, dyes his beard black and he just happens to have a leather clad S&M-ish mascot named The Machine. Yes, the Machine.

The first time I was introduced to The Machine was while my husband was watching a clip of an interview Brian Wilson did with Fox News. During the Skyped interview- which took place at Wilson’s house- he brings his little dog into the shot. My husband innocently motions for our 4-year-old daughter to come see the ” really cute doggie”, then around the :45 second mark, things went a wee bit wild. Check it out below.

Yeah, pretty unexpected. Since then, The Machine has been wrapped into the myth, and some think, the magic of Brian Wilson. While appearing on Jay Leno this week, Brian Wilson talked about how he got his start in baseball, his orange sneakers and yes…The Machine. Who just so happened made a guest appearance on Jay’s stage.

Is this suitable for the kids? Or just plain silly? Would you let your baseball lovin’ kids see The Machine?

See the Jay Leno interviews below! (The Machine is in part 2)


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