Watch Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Waltz (Video)

watch bristol palin dancing with the stars waltz video dwts semi finals
Watch Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars Waltz

Watch Bristol Palin dance the waltz with partner Mark Ballas on the Dancing With The Stars semi-finals. Bristol Palin impressed the judges tonight on DWTS, earning her a total score of 26 out of 30 for her waltz performance. She may be at the bottom of the leader board, but there is still a chance that Bristol Palin could win Dancing With The Stars.

Before dancing tonight’s waltz on the Dancing With The Stars semi-finals, Bristol talked about her home life in Alaska. She described herself as the “golden child” growing up, and said that she never really got into any trouble until she met Levi Johnston.

Bristol Palin has learned from her experiences, and now goes around talking to teen girls about being a single mom, and teaches them to practice abstinence.

Bristol said that she was really excited to be on Dancing With The Stars, and even drove for 5 days straight from Alaska so that she could be on the show.

The judges all think that Bristol has progressed nicely on this season of Dancing With The Stars. Len said that her waltz had a “haunting” feeling and thought it was beautiful. Bruno also liked the haunting vibe, and added that Bristol has worked really hard on her journey. Carrie Ann thought that her waltz lacked emotion, but still said that Bristol has come a long way.

Watch the video clip of Bristol Palin’s waltz on the Dancing With The Stars semi-finals below. Do you think that Bristol Palin has a shot at winning DWTS?

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