Watch Casey Abrams American Idol Judges' Save Reaction (Video)

Casey Abrams American Idol judges save reaction video
Casey Abrams American Idol judges save reaction video

Watch Casey Abrams’ American Idol judges’ save reaction video below… who doesn’t love a genuine reaction like that?

Casey Abrams was in the bottom three on American Idol and was announced as the contestant to be eliminated.

But first, Ryan Seacrest said that Casey would sing for a chance at the judges’ save.

Before Casey Abrams could even get far in his song, the judges cut him off and announced they were using the save!

What followed was a pretty shocked reaction by Casey Abrams – he was absolutely floored!

Jennifer Lopez said to Casey, “You deserve to be here.”

American Idol will, however, have to eliminate two people next week to keep on schedule.

Do you think Casey Abrams should have been sent home?

The other good news for Casey is that the American Idol tour will include the top 11 contestants, so he made the tour cut!