Watch Charlie Sheens Korner Webcast: Episode 2 Online (Video)

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Charlie Sheen's Korner Episode 2 (video)

Charlie Sheen returned to Sheen’s Korner last night for episode 2 of his webcast. Watch the Sheen’s Korner episode 2 online video here – filled with more Sheen ranting, raving and straight up crazy.

Charlie Sheen is seen in this webcast without his posse, talking on the phone about how to make the Sheen’s Korner episodes better.

Sheen says in the webcast, “Know that I’m better solo… I invented solo” and disputes the tag line of his new show, wondering why it shouldn’t be called “A Violent Torpedo of Truth.”

Other highlights? Charlie Sheen holds a lighter up and says he can’t feel pain because “pain is a f**king myth.”

The Charlie Sheen rant continues, as it appears Sheen may have taken our suggestions for how to make his webcast more of a winner. He calls the first episode of Sheen’s Korner “a shameful trainwreck filled with blind, cuddly puppies.”

The crazy train rolls on, as Charlie Sheen’s quote list grows with a confusing rant about the expression “it is what it is.”

Charlie, you’re exhausting.

Oh, and one of Sheen’s goddesses comes into the room to talk about how his dog, Betty, died. Charlie and his dog shared a birthday.

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