Watch Cher on David Letterman: Cher Talks Candidly About Chaz's Surgery (Video)

watch cher on david letterman interview video
Watch Cher's interview with David Letterman

Watch Cher on David Letterman in this interview video clip, where Cher talks about her daughter Chaz’s decision to have surgery to become a man.

In 2009, Cher’s daughter, Chastity Bono, underwent gender reassignment surgery, and Cher’s discussion of the decision, from a mother’s perspective, is very interesting.

David Letterman has loads of questions for Cher about Chaz, and she answers him very candidly, saying that, “during the years, we had talked about it [gender reassignment],” adding that one day Chaz told Cher, “I think I really have to do this.”

Letterman asks questions about sexuality to sort it all out, and in the end Cher says she supported Chaz, telling him, “If you have to do this… you just have to do it.”

Other highlights of Cher’s interview with David Letterman included showing a pic of when Sonny and Cher appeared on his old show in 1987 (look at Dave checking out Cher!), being mistaken for a Cher impersonator, her Vegas show, and a list of the guys she’s been with over the years (Tom Cruise, Gene Simmons, Eric Clapton, and Warren Beatty made the list!).

Watch the full David Letterman/Cher interiew in this video clip:

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