Watch Chilean Miners Rescue Live Online (Video)

watch chilean miners rescue live online videos
Watch the Chilean miners rescue live online

Watch the Chilean miners rescue live online by visiting any of these sites that offer live coverage and checking out the live video stream below:

Guardian’s blog has an updating page that documents the rescue of each miner, including a detailed description of the operation.

AOL has a live stream of the rescue efforts.

CNN has a great countdown clock and rescue vs. underground count updated.

MSNBC has a live stream and updated stories of the Chilean miner rescue, plus photos of the miners in an online gallery.

The Chilean miners have been pulled from the depths of the mine where they have spent 69 days – it all started when 700,000 tons of rock collapsed August 5, trapping the men inside.

The Chilean miners rescue started overnight and has resulted in successful rescues as the world watches.

Are you keeping up with the operation, watching the Chilean miners rescue live online? Watch the video below for the latest:

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