WATCH Christina Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl Fiasco! (VIDEO)


Christina Aguilera Superbowl

Singing the National Anthem is a hard feat in itself. It has those high high notes and is open it is so open to interpretation that performances can be good, bad and just plain ugly. Sadly songstress Christina Aguilera,  during her kick off of the 2011 Super Bowl did not deliver the good, and many are calling it bad, bad, bad. One of her biggest issues? She messed up the words!  You just don’t do that, especially on such a big stage as this. Perhaps it was just her own interpretation of the ditty? Maybe she was nervous? Maybe she just doesn’t know the song very well?  But she has been struggling to get her career back on the right track after a tour that flopped and a film that wasn’t as successful as they had hoped, her star is not on the rise. And with a pending divorce, her personal life has it’s own struggles.

Watch the Christiana Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl video below here. What do you think?