Watch Conan O'Brien Jeggings: Conan in Jeggings Isn't Pretty! (Video)

conan obrien jeggings video
Watch Conan O'Brien jeggings video

Watch Conan O’Brien in jeggings in this video clip. Overall, Conan in jeggings isn’t pretty… but it IS funny!

Watch Conan models the jeggings, strutting his stuff… and then attempts to tell jokes while the crowd roars. Sidekick Andy Richter adds to the fun by having Conan bend over to pick up a jacket.

What do you think? Does Conan have the body for jeggings? They’re acid wash, no less, with fab fake pockets.

Conan O’Brien said of wearing the jeggings: “I fought my way back on to television for this?”

When they do a close up on the pockets, Conan notes, “This is not why high def was invented.”

Conan O’Brien also demonstrates how weird and long his legs are in the jeggings, doing the moonwalk with a little string dance!

Why did Conan where the jeggings? In the previous night’s interview, style guru Tim Gunn talked with Conan about jeggings, saying that some men even wear them. Conan took that as a challenge, noting that he would wear them for an entire show.