Watch Conan O'Brien TBS Opening: "Conan" Cold Open Sketch Video

watch conan obrien tbs opening conan cold open video
Watch Conan O'Brien TBS "Conan" cold open video

Watch the Conan O’Brien TBS “Conan” opening in this cold open sketch video clip.

The “Conan” premiere opened with “Last season on Conan…” and it was nonstop laughs for the entire recap video, catching viewers up on what happened since Conan O’Brien refused to move the Tonight Show to a different time and subsequently got the boot.

Times were tough for Conan O’Brien before his move to TBS, who was first gunned down by NBC henchmen, and then couldn’t find a decent job despite trying to jump into the ad business with Don Draper (Jon Hamm), work at Burger King and try his best at being a clown.

Just at his darkest hour, Conan O’Brien gets a visit from Larry King, who sets him straight and he’s off to the TBS network, confidently saying, “Looks like everything’s gonna be okay!” before the henchmen return to shoot him up for a second time.

Did you watch Conan O’Brien’s TBS show? What did you think of the Conan cold open sketch?

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