Watch Crystal Bowersox "Farmer's Daughter" Music Video, Farmer's Daughter Lyrics

watch crystal bowersox farmers daughter music video
Watch Crystal Bowersox's "Farmer's Daughter" music video

Watch Crystal Bowersox’s “Farmer’s Daughter” music video below, plus check out the “Farmer’s Daughter” lyrics.

Did the Crystal Bowersox “Farmer’s Daughter” music video make you cry too?

I’ve watched Crystal Bowersox perform “Farmer’s Daughter” recently on talk shows (watch Bowersox on the Tonight Show) and thought she did a really beautiful job with the kinda heavy subject matter, but seeing Crystal’s music video really drives the story home.

Crystal Bowersox’s “Farmer’s Daughter” is about her home life as a kid, living in a dysfunctional family that included abuse and alcoholism.

Part of Crystal Bowersox’s “Farmer’s Daughter” lyrics:

“I remember back in High School
My brother’s and me
Willy put his head through the door
to find Clarity
you’d come home with bourbon breath
Jack in the air
And When you broke my bones I told the school I fell down the stairs.”

Crystal has spoken about the autobiographical song, noting,”The second verse is about a night she came home drunk, swung a chair, and I blocked with my foot, which then fractured. It’s all true. But I don’t see it as a sad song. It’s a healing song, and that’s because it’s out of me now.”

Look for Crystal Bowersox’s son and husband, Brian Walker, in the music video too!

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