Watch Debbie Downer SNL Disney Sketch, with Rachel Dratch and Lindsay Lohan (Video)

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Watch the hilarious SNL Debbie Downer Disney sketch

Watch the Debbie Downer SNL Disney World sketch video, featured on The Women of SNL special.

The Debbie Downer Disney sketch is always a hit, being one of the best examples of cast members breaking and cracking up during the sketch.

Rachel Dratch is Debbie Downer at Disney World, with other SNL cast members and host Lindsay Lohan along for the hilarious ride.

Once Rachel Dratch messes up early in the sketch, the oops keep flowing and the rest of the players can’t help but crack up too.

Of course, it’s the signature close ups of Debbie Downer’s face that add to the hilarity, making every smirk and giggle that much more pronounced.

This is definitely one of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches because I love to see the actors try to get back on track and in character.

Try and watch the SNL Debbie Downer Disney sketch video without cracking up. I don’t think it can be done.

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