Watch Dexter Season Finale Online For Free (Definitely Not For Kids!)

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Watch Dexter season finale online after the kids are in bed

Are you just dying (pun intended) to watch the “Dexter” season finale but don’t have Showtime? There are plenty of places where you can watch “Dexter” season 5, episode 12 “The Big One” online for free. It’s been an interesting season, watching Dexter adjust to life without wife Rita, who was brutally murdered in last year’s season-ender. Will tonight’s season finale see a similarly scary conclusion? Read on for links to the finale.

This show is, of course, not for kids, so best watch after they’ve gone to bed!

Here are sites that promise to have the video up soon (it may not be up as of tonight as there’s a delay sometimes from the live show to the video):

TV Duck


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