Watch Disney's Paper Man: Wins Oscar for Best Animated Short!


Paperman_disney-shortDisney’s short Paperman is sweet, sentimental, lovely, lingering and now it is one more thing…an Academy Award winner!

On Sunday night, director John Kahrs took the stage to bring home the Oscar for Paperman. The film originally played in theaters before the Disney feature Wreck-It-Ralph, but it was recently released on YouTube for all to see.

We spoke to the producer of the film a while ago and she spoke to us about the inspiration for the film saying, “The idea for this film came about early on in his career. He was reverse commuting when he lived in New York City. He was working at Blue Sky which is out in the suburbs of New York. Everyday he’d be traveling through Grand Central Station as a single guy in his 20’s. There’d be throngs of people moving through the train stations. He would be thinking to himself, “Why am I not having a more happy life? I’m a single guy in New York City. I should be on top of the world. And yet I feel really rather lonely”. Every once in a while, he’d make a connection with somebody, eye contact in the station and think is that the girl of my dreams? And then she’d be gone. This short came about from those times.”

You can check out Paperman below: