Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Halloween Costume 2010: Snookie's Pouf! (Video)

ellen degeneres halloween costume snooki pouf
Ellen DeGeneres' Halloween costume 2010

Watch Ellen DeGeneres’ Halloween costume 2010 in this video clip she’s not just Snooki, Ellen’s costume is Snookie’s Pouf!

Ellen opened the show in the gigantic hair costume, saying, “In case you don’t know, I’m Snooki’s pouf. That’s Snooki down there. I’m the pouf. She’s the actual size. She is that short. I met her in person.”

Ellen added, “I was almost late for the show because I didn’t take in account how long it takes to gym, tan and laundry.”

Personally, I think Ellen’s Halloween costume wins the contest for the best 2010 daytime show getup: check out the competition with the Today show costumes and The View, Regis and Kelly’s many Halloween costume changes.

In the second video clip, Ellen shows how the Snooki pouf costume made it challenging to sit down!

What do you think of Ellen’s Halloween costume this year?

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