Watch Father Guido Sarducci Ask God For A Religious Sign At Rally To Restore Sanity

Father Guido Sarducci
Father Guido Sarducci Asks God For Sign At Rally To Restore Sanity

Father Guido Sarducci gave the benediction today at the Rally to Restore Sanity, and he started off by asking God for a sign to tell everyone on earth what the “one true religion” is. Father Guido Sarducci basically said that every person thinks his or her religion is the correct one, and he asked God to “have swans fly over the crowd” or something to that effect when he spoke the name of the “correct” religion out loud.

Father Guido Sarducci is a fictional character played by Don Novello, and he is a chain-smoking priest. Even though Jon Stewart and his camp insist that the Rally To Restore Sanity is not political, it’s pretty much a known fact that it is a direct response to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally.

Some people may see Father Guido Sarducci’s address to the crowd as funny, but others could possibly take it as a mockery of people’s faith and devotion to their chosen religions.

You can watch Father Guido Sarducci’s benediction to the Rally To Restore Sanity crowd here.

What do you think of his speech?