Watch Fountain Lady Video! Woman Falls in Fountain, Plans to Sue Mall Security (Video)

watch woman falls in fountain video fountain lady
Watch fountain lady: woman falls in fountain (video)

Watch the fountain lady video… woman falls in fountain, video goes viral… and now she plans to sue mall security!

The fountain lady, Cathy Cruz Marrero, was on Good Morning America to talk about how she was so intent on texting that she fell into a fountain, got up and kept on going.

She said she was completely embarrassed but a store manager was kind enough to help her.

The fountain lady said that mall security arrived 20 minutes after she left – not one person came to her aid when the woman fell in the fountain.

She spoke with mall security to express her complaint over it being inappropriate to put the video online, saying “nobody took my feelings into consideration.”

Cathy Cruz Marrero plans to file a lawsuit; her lawyer suspects that mall security used a cell phone to record the security footage and posted it on YouTube.

Cathy Cruz Marrero has a message for kids pay attention and don’t text and walk!