Watch Fred The Movie, Online Sensation Fred Figglehorn Comes to Nickelodeon (Video)

where can i watch fred the movie online
Watch Fred: The Movie online

Where can you watch Fred The Movie online? While some sites claim to have the full Fred The Movie online, a number of them are sketchy, at best.

If your kids missed the Fred: The Movie premiere last night, Nickelodeon is re-airing the Fred movie tonight, September 19 at 8 p.m.

If you can’t watch Fred: The Movie online or on Nick, look for the DVD release on October 5. To further add to your Fred collection, you can get Lucas Cruikshank’s first album, “Who’s Ready to Party” when it hits stores on September 21.

Watch Fred’s “Who’s Ready to Party?” in the video clip below:

Lucas Cruishank’s Fred Figglehorn first came to be on YouTube on October 30, 2006. After that, Cruikshank’s became a runaway YouTube sensation, eventually landing Fred his own full-length movie on Nickelodeon.

Did you watch Fred: The Movie? Have you or your kids been a Fred online fan?

Watch this video with Lucas Cruikshank, where he talks about how Fred got his start on YouTube, who is Fred, and how he felt like he might lose his voice during filming Fred: The Movie.

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