Watch George W Bush Interview Online - The President Talks About His Most Important Decision


watch george w bush interview onlineMost people would expect that the hardest decision that George W Bush ever had to make would be something to do with his presidency.  The President who served through the largest terrorist attack in American history, two international wars, and Hurricane Katrina reveals that the hardest decision of his life was the one to stop drinking for the sake of himself and his family.

“I didn’t like the person I was,” he says of deciding to quit drinking cold turkey.  “I was drinking a lot.  My parents did me a great favor, they planted the seed of faith.  I’d go to church so I wouldn’t irritate my mother.”

He made the decision to quit drinking just after his fortieth birthday.  The former president described himself as a drinker, but not a knee-walking drunk (his words).  Had he not made the decision to stop at that point in life, he admits he would never have been able to achieve the presidency and be facing the world as a former president.

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