Watch Glee Football Coach Dot Jones Arm Wrestle Jay Leno (Video)

dot jones
Dot Jones and Jane Lynch: Watch Dot arm wrestle Jay Leno!

Before she became everyone’s favorite new high school football coach/Sue Sylvester tormentor on the Fox hit Glee, Dot Jones was a professional arm wrestler with an astounding 15 straight world titles. In fact, she appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” 13 years ago to face off with the late-night host in an arm battle and you can guess who won.

Last night Jones was back on “Tonight,” telling Leno how she landed her awesome role (she bumped into “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk at Whole Foods and asked him to write her a part!) and whether she can carry a tune (she said she’s no Mariah Carey I hope we’ll get to hear her sing!).

And Leno dug out the old clip of him and Jones arm wrestling. It’s near the end of the video below check out her unbelievable guns and how quickly she dispatches Jay. She’s inspired me to hit the gym.


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