Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 6 Online Video: Glee "Never Been Kissed" Episode

watch glee season 2 episode 6 online video
Watch Glee season 2 episode 6 online

Watch Glee season 2 episode 6 online videos for the “Never Been Kissed” episode that features boy vs. girl mash-ups and addresses the topic of teenage bullying.

Glee’s season 2 episode 6 takes a look at how Kurt (Chris Colfer) is bullied at school, with Colfer noting, “the bullying just reaches a peak. Kurt gets fed up with it and stands up for himself for the first time.” 

Glee’s “Never Been Kissed” episode (Glee 2×06) also introduces Blaine, a gay student from a rival school’s glee club, played by Darren Criss.

The Glee episode pits girls against boys for another mash-up competition check out the video clips below to watch each group’s performance, as girls sing guys songs and guys tackle feminine tunes. Plus, Coach Beiste plays judge!

Watch the Glee season 2 episode 6 online video clips for “Never Been Kissed” below or check out the episode online at Hulu, Fox and Yidio.

Glee “Teenage Dream”:


Boys vs. Girls behind-the-scenes of “Living on a Prayer/Start Me Up”:

“Living on a Prayer/Start Me Up” mash-up:

“One Love (People Get Ready)”:

“Free Your Mind/Stop in the Name of Love”:

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