Watch Glee's Chris Colfer Do Ninja Moves On Conan! (VIDEO)

chris colfer glee conan
Watch Chris Colfer go ninja on Conan O'Brien

We already knew that “Glee” star Chris Colfer is an excellent singer. Did you know he’s also a ninja? He busted out his knife-spinning ninja moves on TBS’s “Conan” last night, and he even engaged in a little duel with Conan O’Brien with his ninja knives (purchased on eBay). Unfortunately for Andy Richter, Colfer kinda forgot the sidekick was sitting next to him during that duel.

As it turns out, mom was right somebody WILL lose an eye, or come darn close to it, when you play with knives.

(I’m going to make sure not to let my 5-year-old see this video, or it will just increase his oft-stated desire for “ninja sticks.”)


Photo: Fox