Watch Glee's Kurt and Blaine Kiss - The Moment That Darren Criss Fans Have Been Waiting For!

Watch Glee's Kurt and Blaine Share Their First Kiss
Glee Kurt and Blaine Finally Kiss!

It was the moment that fans of Glee have been waiting for all season long…. the moment that Kurt and Blaine shared their first kiss.  It was in a tender moment over the loss of Kurt’s beloved Blackbird Pavarotti that the two were finally able to admit their feelings for each other and share their very first kiss. 

Watch Glee’s Kurt and Blaine share their first kiss….

Whether you love or hate the fact that Glee is tackling the issue of gay teenage love, you have to admit that the show honored the genuine love the duo has built all season long.    The show delicately wound the kiss into the story of the night by focusing on the love and not the kiss itself. 

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