Watch Green Lantern Trailer Online: Ryan Reynolds For You, Superhero Stuff For the Kids

green lantern trailer
Watch Green Lantern trailer online: Will you take your kids?

Here’s something you and the (older) kids in your house can agree on: Watch the “Green Lantern” trailer online, and you can enjoy Ryan Reynolds’ delectable abs while they marvel at the superhero elements, like the cool villains, fast planes and cool special effects.

The full “Green Lantern” movie trailer is two and a half minutes long, and there’s a shot of Reynolds in a white tank top early on that makes it worth any mom’s time alone. By the second half of the trailer, he’s in his little green costume, zipping around the Earth and the galaxy, which will have comic book fans cheering.

What do you think will you go see the movie? What age kids do you think are old enough to go? (Note to my 5-year-old: Sorry, honey, not you.)


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