WATCH Groundhog Day Online Here: Puxatony Phil & Bill Murray Bring the Funnies


Groundhog Day

Today is not just the day when we find out what Punxsutawney Phil that prognosticating groundhog has to say about the length of winter, but it is the day to sit back, relax and watch a movie. Not just any movie but one movie in particular, Groundhog Day.

This hilarious comedy starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell from 1993 is as funny now as it was then. And really, when is a better time to watch it then today, Groundhog Day!

Where can watch this comedy classic from the comfort of your own home? streams the film right here.

Or you can download it from right here.

And if you are a NetFlix member, you can watch the film through their instant play option.