Watch iCarly iPity the Nevel Online: Twilight Parody Moonlight Twi Blood! (Video)

icarly ipity the nevel twilight parody video
Watch iCarly Twilight parody video: "Twi Blood"

Watch iCarly iPity the Nevel online video below, including a very funny Twilight parody, “Moonlight Twi Blood.”

iCarly nemesis Nevel finds himself in the dumps when a video of him being mean to a little girl in a grocery store goes viral, making him the country’s most despised person.

But the real fun in the iCarly iPity the Nevel episode is the Twilight parody that runs throughout the episode.

In one scene, Freddie channels his inner Robert Pattinson to pull off an Edward-esque impersonation in a Twilight spoof, “Moonlight Twiblood.”

Turns out, it’s a hit with the girls and Freddie, played by Nathan Kress, uses the Twilight smolder to his advantage!

Girls love a brooding vampire!

What do you think of iCarly’s Twilight parody, Moonlight Twi Blood?

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