Watch Intervention Video: Margaret Cho, Tegan and Sara: Not for the Kids!

watch margaret cho intervention video tegan and sara
Watch Margaret Cho's Intervention video with Tegan and Sara

Watch the “Intervention” video from Margaret Cho and Tegan and Sara. It’s not for the kids, so check it out when they’re not around for a good laugh.

Margaret Cho writes on her website:

“I love this video and this song with Tegan and Sara. We shot it in Houston on a brief moment where all of us were free. Louis Van Amstel makes a fun little cameo too as we were right in the midst of “Dancing with the Stars” madness. Liam Sullivan directed this gem of a film and I absolutely love it. It makes me cry. Enjoy!! Margaret”

What do you think of the Intervention music video? So cute to have Margaret Cho’s Dancing with the Stars partner, Louis Van Amstel, in it too!

As Tegan and Sara sing in the Intervention lyrics, “No more hugs, ‘til you give up drugs.”

“Intervention” is from Margaret Cho’s new album, “Cho-Dependent,” which Cho was just nominated for a Grammy Award for.

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