Watch Jack Black, Justin Bieber Kids' Choice Awards 2011 Video

jack black kids choice awards 2011 commercial video
Watch Jack Black, Justin Bieber Kids' Choice Awards video

Jack Black is hosting the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards 2011, and to kick off things, watch the Kids’ Choice Awards promo video, featuring Black and Justin Bieber.

Oh yeah, and Ke$ha, Jay Leno and Shaquille O’Neal are in there too…

The Jack Black Kids’ Choice Awards commercial plays like a press conference, with Black taking questions from the press about his upcoming hosting gig.

But Justin Bieber’s is the funniest, we think… after Bieber asks Black a question, Black says, “Your hair looks great, by the way… I want your barber, Bieber-baby.”

Looks like Jack Black has Bieber Fever?!

Watch the Kids’ Choice Awards 2011 on April 12 on Nickelodeon!