Watch: Jane Goodall 60 Minutes Interview (Video)

jane goodall on 60 minutes interview chimpanzees
Watch Jane Goodall on 60 Minutes

Watch the Jane Goodall 60 Minutes interview video from October 24, where Goodall talks with correspondent Lara Logan about her lifelong work with chimpanzees.

Jane Goodall has spent much of her life studying chimpanzees, making conclusions about the close ties of humans and chimps by first discovering their ability to make and use tools.

It’s been 50 years since Jane Goodall made that discovery, and in the 60 Minutes piece, she heads to the Gombe Forest she first came to Tanzania when she was 26 years old to study chimpanzees.

60 Minutes correspondent Logan asked Goodall: “How would you describe what it was like 50 years ago?”

“It was a kind of magical place where I never knew each day what I might see or discover,” Goodall said.

Goodall visited three generations of a chimp family that she’s followed for 50 years: Google, 2 years old, mother Gaia, who Jane has known for 17 years, and grandmother Gremlin, who Goodall knew following the chimp’s birth in 1970.

Goodall recounts her observations of the chimpanzees and how they did many of the same things that humans do: “It was obvious watching them that they could be happy and sad. And then the communication signals, kissing, embracing holding hands, patting on the back, shaking the fist, swaggering, throwing rocks. All of these things done in the same context we do them.”

Goodall, now 76, continues to work for the chimpanzees, raising money and awareness to save the chimps, who are dwindling in population due to loss of habitat and poachers.

Watch the Jane Goodall 60 Minutes interview in this video clip:

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