Watch Jane Lynch as iSam's Mom! She Bring Comic Glee (VIDEO)


iCarly fans finally got to meet Sam‘s notorious and – up to now – out of the limelight mom Pam Puckett. And iSam’s mom comes to not only steal the spotlight but also to steal the show. Which is pretty easy when her mom comes in a Jane Lynch package, borrowed from Glee.

So who is iCarly’s mom, the one and only Pam Puckett? On iCarly’s site they say, “Meet Sam’s mom, Pam! She’s just like Sam except older, louder, and she’s got WAY more misdemeanor charges.”

And the two, they’ve never been close with, “Sam’s mom has ONLY hugged her ONE other time and that was when Sam won a year’s supply of free meat.” Now that’s some dysfunction right there.

Check out the video of iSam and her iMom and their not so loving mommy daughter time right here!