Watch Jennifer Aniston Good Morning America GMA (Video)

jennifer aniston gma good morning america video
Jennifer Aniston "Just Go With It"

Watch Jennifer Aniston in this Good Morning America GMA video, where she talks about her new movie “Just Go With It.”

Robin Roberts talks about how Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have such great chemistry and Aniston notes how they cracked up the whole time they were shooting the film.

Jennifer Aniston shares there’s “no greater healer than laughing,” saying that she wants to bring joy to people.

Aniston said that there was a lot of improv in the movie and they show pics of the Just Go With It premiere – Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston look pretty chummy!

Aniston also clarifies her statement about not liking the Rachel haircut she said it wasn’t so much the cut as it was the attention it brought.