Watch Jennifer Aniston on Cougar Town Video: Reunites With Mom Courteney Cox

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Jennifer Aniston on "Cougar Town:" What did you think?

The “Friends” flashback that reunited Jennifer Aniston on “Cougar Town” with real-life BFF Courteney Cox  was … underwhelming. Aniston played a hippie shrink who was helping Cox’s Jules deal with the impending departure of her son for college, as well as her new “Grayson-ship” with her player next-door neighbor, Grayson.

But the Aniston parts were the biggest drag in the show’s otherwise sprightly 22 minutes. Aniston’s character was a real departure from the clone-like rom-com movie roles she’s been playing of late, so give her credit for stretching. But she still had the same Aniston mannerisms (running one hand through her hair, extensive use of hands and eyebrows for expression).

I don’t think it was Aniston’s fault; it just seemed so gimmicky to have her on the show that it was a distraction. I actually really like both actresses, especially mother-of-one Cox, who was sooo underrated on “Friends,” and Aniston in “Marley and Me,” where she really did a great job of expressing the frustrations of early motherhood.

A real “Friends” reunion some day on NBC? Yes, please.

So what did you think? Check out this link to the video Aniston’s part begins at around 3:45.


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