Watch Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars Instant Dance Rumba Video: Perfect 10s!

jennifer grey dancing with the stars instant dance rumba video dwts
Watch Jennifer Grey's Dancing with the Stars instant dance video

Watch Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars “Instant Dance” Rumba in this video clip – Jennifer Grey’s DWTS instant dance song was “Waiting for a Girl Like You.”

Jennifer Grey’s partner, Derek Hough, explained how they had to learn the Rumba routine, but be flexible enough to go with whatever song they were given. In the instant dance scenario, the dancers have a short amount of time during the show to learn the routine.

Jennifer Grey said the Rumba is a sexy, intimate dance – noting that she needs to trust Derek.

Jennifer pulls a split, which never fails to impress me, plus a balance-her-leg-on-his-shoulder move. Wow.

The judges were wowed too – Jennifer Grey’s Dancing with the Stars instant dance earned perfect 10’s from the judges, for a perfect 30!

Bruno says this challenge was breathtaking, sensual, and absolutely superb and flawless. Carrie Ann said she captured the magic and says there’s nothing more beautiful than to watch somebody reclaiming their power. Len says he loves the variations and said we’ve seen great dancing in Jennifer’s performance.

What did you think of Jennifer Grey’s perfect DWTS performance? Pretty amazing, considering the short amount of time they have to learn the choreography!

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