Watch Jersey Shore Reunion Online (Video)

Jersey Shore Season 3 Cast
Cast Closer Than Ever On Jersey Shore Reunion

The Jersey Shore Reunion show aired last night, and the cast of Jersey Shore is closer than ever. In case you missed the Jersey Shore Reunion, you can watch a video clip of some of the highlights below.

The cast of Jersey Shore differs from most MTV reality show casts in that they actually seem like somewhat of a family. They go to the gym together, they tan together, and of course, they even get into their share of arguments, but at the end of the day, they all seem to have each others’ backs. Can you imagine if this family procreated with each other?

Yeah, I’m not sure I want to think about that either.

On the Jersey Shore Reunion, we learned that Ronni and Sammi are still together. They fight constantly and don’t always seem particularly happy together, but they can’t seem to live without each other.

Snooki also revealed that she has a bit of a crush on Vinny. Hmm…wonder if there’s a chance that they will get together on Season 3 of Jersey Shore?

The men on Jersey Shore are also still extremely close and always look out for each other, which you can see from this video clip.

Jersey Shore Season 3 returns in January, and we can’t wait!

Fist pump!