WATCH Jimmie Johnson Win 5th NASCAR Title...In A Row! Wow!


jimmie johnson

When Genevieve Marie Johnson is old enough to know what a “job” is, I wonder if Jimmie Johnson’s little girl will think that daddy’s occupation is a wee bit odd. Right now Genevieve is just five months old, so not only does she not know that her dad gets paid to drive cars really really fast, but she has no idea how good he is at it! And that her dad made history on Sunday, winning Nascar for the 5th year in a row…

Although Jimmie Johnson hasn’t had the best year, when it came to making it count, he totally rallied. And he was super excited about winning, saying, “I’m just beside myself,” Johnson said in Victory Lane. “Four was amazing. Now I have to figure out what the hell to say about winning five of these things, because everybody is going to want to know what it means. I don’t know. It is pretty damn awesome — I can tell you that.”

And once his daughter is old enough to understand, she’ll probably think it’s pretty damn awesome too.

You can see how happy he is to win in the video clip below.

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